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Environmental Clearance from MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forest) essential for Real Estate Projects

Real estate industry is amongst the most flourishing industries in India. Modern buildings built in urban areas of India have high levels of energy consumption because of requirements of air-conditioning and lighting. In this scenario of more and more real estate projects coming up in different parts of India, the construction activities must be undertaken keeping in mind the environmental welfare, so that there is not much pressure on its finite natural resources. Therefore, it is important for any real estate projects above 20,000 sqm. or any new/ expansion of existing project or changes in usage of projects etc. need to take Environment Clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF). The following article deals with Environmental clearance from MoEF.

What is the role of MoEF in real estate projects?

MoEF has made Environmental Clearance mandatory for real estate projects under the provisions of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. A Committee constituted by MoEF reviews the provisions of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification 2006, relating to granting environment clearances for roads, buildings, SEZ projects and the provisions related to high rise buildings.

Environment Clearance

Why is it important for real estate projects to take approval from MoEF?

Unplanned and unsustainable urban development can lead to severe pressures on the environment. In view of major construction activities taking place across the country, there have to be certain guidelines and minimum standards set for reducing Environment degradation. Therefore, it is mandatory for various construction projects to secure environment clearance from the MoEF prior to construction.
How can real estate projects obtain approval from MoEF?
The procedure for obtaining environmental clearance is as follows:

  1. Application to MoEF, Government of India, for Environmental Clearance.
  2. Preparation of Rapid Environment Impact Assessment report.
  3. Based upon size & kind of proposed projects, Attending Public Hearing held by SPCB.
  4. Presentation to MoEF, New Delhi.
  5. Securing Environmental Clearance from MoEF, Government of India.
  6. Application for consent to establish & Public Hearing to State Pollution Control Board (SPCB.)
  7. Securing consent to establish from SPCB.
  8. Submitting Half-yearly monitoring report during construction to SPCB.
  9. Application to SPCB for Consent to Operate.
  10. Securing consent to operate from SPCB.


Concealing factual data or submission of false, misleading data/reports, decisions or recommendations to MoEF would lead to the project being rejected. Approval, if granted earlier on the basis of false data, would also be revoked. A good Liaison professional can help you overcome these threats.  At PDV group, we can assist you in obtaining Environment clearance for your real estate projects. We have an insightful experience of more than 15 years in taking care of the processes involved while taking approvals from MoEF. For more details, visit our website http://www.propertydocumentverification.com , you can write to us on info@aarnarealty.com or give us a call on our helpline +91-9911661818 and directly speak to our experts for any type of inquiry.

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