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Food Business Operator (FBO) license mandatory for all eating joints

food business operator

Eating-out industry in India is worth Rs 50,000 crore, thanks to the innate love for food amongst Indians and diverse cuisines. Delhi-NCR alone accounts for about 18-20 per cent share of the organized food retail market, according to NRAI estimates.

With rise in the number of cases of food adulteration and food poisoning, food safety is increasingly becoming an area of concern in the country.
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AICTE Approval Process for setting up New Technical Institute

aicte approval process

Professional education has grown leaps and bounds in India over the last decade. Every year, hundreds of new institutes are set up in different parts of the country, offering professional courses such as Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Hotel Management etc. Lakhs of students apply for these courses each year and are willing to pay a fortune for quality education.
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Clearance from National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) mandatory for undertaking any activity in wildlife habitats

clearance from national wildlife board

India is home to some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna. Existence of dense vegetation and diverse species make Indian forests, National Parks, Sanctuaries and Conservation Reserves famous across the globe. Not only these protected areas attract lots of tourists facilitating India’s economic growth, but also yield several environmental benefits. These habitats have a crucial role to play in preservation of biodiversity and protection of endangered species.
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Assistance for implementing Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

“Water, water, everywhere; nor any drop to drink”. This phrase seems to be relevant in the current scenario in Delhi, where heavy rains leave the roads waterlogged, still quality water is not available to many. The rapid growth in urbanization in Delhi is increasingly putting pressure on the water level and deteriorating quality of ground water. With increasing population, demand of water is also growing at an alarming rate. Drinking water supplied by Delhi Jal Board is not able to cater to the needs of the growing population.  To add to the situation, due to short durations of heavy rain in the city, most of the rain water tends to flow away rapidly leaving very little to recharge the groundwater level.
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Solar Water Heating System installation in Haryana

Solar Water Heating System Installation

Solar energy is one of the most cost-efficient and environment friendly ways to conserve energy. In a country like India which is fast facing depletion of non-renewable resources, solar energy can prove to be a blessing. Solar energy is present in abundance in India and is presenting a lot of scope for deployment in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.
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Permit for New Year’s Eve parties mandatory

Permit for New Year's Eve parties mandatory
NOIDA: The district administration has issued directions to all pubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, etc in Noida to procure mandatory permits for organizing parties or social gatherings on New Year’s Eve wherein liquor is likely to be served along with high decibel music. The directions were issued by the district administration following a meeting at Surajpur collectorate on Friday.Entertainment hubs are required to pay certain taxes to the state exchequer before organizing the events in accordance with a state government statute – UP Aamod Evam Pankar Adhiniyam 1979.
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Fire NOC mandotary for High Rise buildings

Fire NOC

A fire broke out in a Kolkata hospital in December 2011 leaving about 90 injured. A similar incident took place in Pune last year. A recent news article had stated that 11 government hospitals along with a list of schools in Delhi do not have NOCs. These incidents are issuing stern warnings to multi-storey buildings to get the mandatory Fire NOC from the state fire department.
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How to get Food Safety License in India

Food Safety License

Food industry in India has been growing leaps and bounds making India one of the most preferred destinations for food investments. According to a finding by the Government of India, the Indian food industry is currently growing at an annual rate of 13 per cent and is valued at $135 billion, which is estimated to reach $200 billion by 2015. This impressive growth is expected to strengthen India’s position as a key player in the global food market and is attracting many entrepreneurs to venture into this business.
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Shop and Establishments Act


What is Shop and Establishments Act?

The Shops and Establishment Act is a state legislation act aimed at providing statutory obligation and rights to persons employed in shops, commercial establishments, establishments for public entertainment or amusement and other establishments in India. Every state has its own rules for the Act. The act came into force to amend and consolidate law relating to regulation of hours of work, payment of wages, leave, holidays, terms of service and other conditions of work of the employees.
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License mandatory to Install Lift in a Multi-Storey building

Lift License in India

An accident that took place in Bangalore Maternity Home in February this year left the entire nation shocked. The lift in this Maternity home crashed leaving a nine-month pregnant woman, her husband and two others injured. Investigations found that the company responsible for installing hydraulic lift had not obtained the license required for installing the lift beforehand at Maternity Home.
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